John Karch

Medical Illustration
John Karch
I was born in Palenville, New York on August 26th, 1979. There, in the woods, I grew up with my sister Anna, and my parents John and Donna. My younger years were spent mastering the wilds and drawing dragons, monsters, and skeletons.

After conquering the Catskill school system in 1997, I was undecided as to whether I wanted to pursue a degree in art or biology. So I chose to enlist at the Rochester Institute of Technology for studies in medical illustration. Many art and anatomy classes later, I found myself graduating with high honors and a 3.67 GPA. Victory was mine, but Rochester had taken its toll and I needed to return to the mountains before it was too late. The vast rolling farmlands of western New York stretched out before me, and the trek was perilous. Suddenly, when I feared all hope was lost, the clouds parted and the mighty wall of Manitu, bathed in golden emerald glory, rose to the heavens in the distance. I was home.

Palenville's thriving economy was barely strong enough to support a gas station and a bar, so I knew medical illustration would have to wait. I followed in my father's footprints and took a job as a carpenter. In my free time I dabbled extensively in oil painting. I also started making my own paint, which allowed me a wider range of colors and a cheap way to work large. After a few years, the fine young Saugertiesan, Amanda Steinebach, and I said our vows. It was a crisp autumn day, on a hill, with the Guardian as our witness. We now live in Catskill, with the waves of the Hudson lapping at our door.

John N. Karch  

Education 1997 - 2001 Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Medical Illustration
  • Magna Cum Laude, 3.67 GPA
  • Member of the Golden Key National Honor Society.
Relevant Courses Airbrush Techniques, Advanced 3-D Model Bio-Medical Forms (Maya-two terms), Computer Animation (Macromedia Director), Advanced Medical Illustration (Macromedia Director), Anatomic Illustration Wet Media, Zoological and Botanical Illustration, Biomedical Communications (Pen & Ink), Computer Applications in Anatomic Illustration (Photoshop and Illustrator), Surgical Drawing and Illustration I & II (based on O.R. observations), Human Gross Anatomy (two terms), Figure in Motion Drawing, Medical Legal Illustration
Summary of qualifications Computer Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe ImageReady, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Freehand, Quark Xpress, Maya

Traditional Media: Airbrush, carbon dusting, colored pencil, pen & ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, pastel, charcoal
Awards received Catherine Morse Scholarship 5/2000 - RIT

Clarke Scholarship 1997 - Champlin and Rachel Fiero Clark Scholarship Fund Catskill Central School District-Four Year Scholarship

Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award 1997 - This award is granted to the student with the highest average in all scientific classes taken at Catskill High School.